Owners of houses and condos in the San Diego, CA region would best be served by the most trusted professionals in the field of property management, and we at Sunset Property Management & Realty feel strongly that we fit the bill. We go out of our way to provide the most thorough and effective management of houses and condos, and to represent the best interests of any clients we have. That means ensuring that you have quality tenants, that the property is maintained in its most optimal fashion, and that you receive the best return on your investment.

Our approach to property management includes everything from the very beginning of the process, which is tenant acquisition, right up to the end results, which include accounting and full financial reporting. You will be kept informed of all these activities, as well as everything in between, which might include preventive maintenance, general upkeep activities, construction or repairs which become necessary, and even any emergencies which might arise.

Property management services for houses and condos  

First of all, you will not be charged for any houses or condos which remain unoccupied between leasing periods, and that means it’s in our best interest as well as yours, to get those units occupied as soon as possible. For the houses and condos which are occupied, we charge a monthly fee of between 6% and 8%, as well as a one-time tenant placement fee of $450, assuming that we placed a tenant in the dwelling. The monthly fee includes everything we do on your behalf, in the way of maintaining the property and in administering the daily operations at the units.

We understand that any houses or condos you own in San Diego represent a significant investment on your part, and we feel it is our responsibility to safeguard that investment for you, so that your revenue stream can be maximized. We strive to maintain an excellent line of communication with both tenants and you the owner, by means of our online Tenant Portal and Owner Portal. Tenants will have the opportunity to contact us about any concerns they have, or about any maintenance requests.

As owner, you can use the portal to monitor all financial activities occurring with your houses and condos, and you can voice any issues you may have, or request an in-person consultation. If you are ever disenchanted about any aspect of our property management service, we offer a guarantee which allows you to rescind your Property Management Agreement with us, without having any fees, penalties, or delays imposed by us. We are very confident in our ability to effectively manage your properties, and that’s why we can offer this guarantee to all our clients.

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When you have houses or condos which require management, you’ll want the best management team in the area to carry that out on your behalf. At Sunset Property Management & Realty, we feel that we can provide management services which are second to none, and we’d love the chance to demonstrate that to you. Contact us today with any questions you may have about our houses and condos property management service, or to obtain a quote for managing your properties.

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