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At Sunset Property Management & Realty we maintain a property in its optimal condition

At Sunset Property Management & Realty, we consider it of the utmost importance to maintain a property in its optimal condition and to administer the daily tasks of property management in the most efficient manner possible.

We take property management very seriously

A quick glimpse through some of the testimonials provided by our clients should help to convince you that we take property management very seriously, and that we are always doing our best to maximize your investment as a property owner.

What can we offer as a property management team? 

If you’re the owner of an apartment complex, you’ll probably have two primary objectives in mind with regard to that property. Firstly, you’ll want it maintained in an attractive and optimally functional manner, and secondly, you’ll want to maintain a high rate of occupancy in the complex so you get a good return on investment. Those twin objectives are two of the main areas we focus on as a management team, since we understand your position as an owner, and we have the same goals that you do in that regard.

Maintain a high rate of occupancy

To maintain a high rate of occupancy, we aggressively advertise any vacancies in many of the area’s most visible outlets, including classified ads and online listings. Any tenants who apply for residence are then carefully screened with regard to income, work history, and criminal background, so as to ensure that only the most desirable tenants are accepted. All leasing arrangements are handled by our team, and after that, rents are collected regularly, and delinquency monitoring becomes part of our watchfulness policy with all occupants.

Maintenance Management Team

Maintenance of the premises is another top priority for our management team, because we understand that you don’t want your investment degraded in any way. That’s why we conduct semi-annual maintenance inspections (SAMI’s), to be sure that there are no leasing violations and that the property is being maintained in accordance with accepted standards. We will also perform preventive maintenance as needed, and when any kind of repairs are required, we can either do them ourselves or contact the appropriate professionals to accomplish the work.

Construction or remodeling

When any kind of construction or remodeling is necessary, we can either carry out the work ourselves, or act as supervisors of the selected contractors, to ensure that your interests are being represented. The bottom line is, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your investment is safeguarded, that your revenue stream is maximized, and that you are kept well-informed of all operational and financial activities regarding your property.

Do you require property management for apartment rentals in San Diego, CA?

If so, we’d love to hear from you at Sunset Property Management & Realty. We have had great success in the San Diego area, because we provided top-notch services in the area of property management for apartment rentals.

Knowledge and expertise in the field

Having had years to acquire knowledge and expertise in the field, we now enjoy a reputation for high-quality management and for responsive administration of apartment complexes. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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