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Looking for a top Property Management Company San Diego, CA? There are several different kinds of services we offer to property owners in the greater San Diego area, and all of them are top-notch in terms of maintaining your investment and Property Management Company San Diego, CAsafeguarding your interests in those properties.

Best Curb Appeal with Sunset Property Management & Realty

At Sunset Property Management & Realty, we consider it our mission to do whatever it takes to achieve maximum occupancy while also maintaining the premises in their best condition. We strive to provide the best curb appeal possible for your properties, while also ensuring that they’re in great shape on the interior. Learn More

Properties must be kept in an energy-efficient

That means properties must be kept in an energy-efficient and resource-efficient mode, so that waste is minimized and all resources are used wisely. Whenever it’s necessary to carry out repairs, remodeling, or construction tasks, we supervise all these so your best interests are represented.

Preventive Maintenance

This also includes, when any repairs exceed a $200 threshold, we make sure you are informed. We take great care to ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out routinely, and that everything possible is done to keep the property looking great and functioning smoothly.

Specific Services Provided

We offer residential property management for condos and houses, at a fee of between 6% and 8%, and there is of course no charge for those units which remain unoccupied in between leasing periods. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, so you won’t be surprised by any unexplained charges that you were unaware of.

Property management for apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings

Sunset property management offers property management for apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings, at a fee of between 5% and 6%. Either of these two services can be totally customized to accommodate your specific needs, so that we can cover any administrative or operational tasks you need done.

Management all the day-to-day activities

On a more detailed level, we manage all the day-to-day activities which are necessary to maintain and administer a full-blown apartment complex or multiple housing units. That includes everything from screening and accepting new tenants, to advertising vacancies at your property, and all the routine maintenance necessary to keep the premises in optimal working order.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Additionally we provide all the accounting and financial reporting which an owner is entitled to, so you can be kept fully informed about the status of your investment.

Provide a leasing-only service

If you already have a property management team, or if you simply do not require management, we also provide a leasing-only service, in which we market and lease your rental property. We have had years of experience at providing all three of these major service packages, and we like to think of ourselves as experts in the field. We would love to put that expertise to work on your behalf, providing any one of these services, or any combination of them which you might need.

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When it comes to the best property management company in San Diego, CA, we feel that Sunset Property Management & Realty is the name to remember. Our sole focus is on doing all the daily operations necessary for an owner to have confidence that everything is being handled by experts so that an owner can have maximum trust in the management team. Contact us to find out more about the extensive services we provide, so that you can have an understanding of our comprehensive package of management services.

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