Property Management Clairemont Mesa

Clairemont Mesa is a residential community found within the 92117 zip code,  It has a population of about 81,600 residents and is roughly 13.3 square miles. One must-see local attraction is San Clemente park, located next to Marian bear memorial park you will find many trails great for hiking, jogging and bike riding. San Clemente canyon is home to wildlife including raccoons, skunks and rabbits. It also serves as a pathway for coyote, fox, and other native mammals. Clairemont mesa offers many delicious restaurants such as Tahini, Mongolian Hot Pot, Lolitas Mexican food and Mister Fish & Chips home to a delicious you guessed it fish and chips. Regardless of whether you live an active or relaxed lifestyle, Clairemont Mesa has a little something for everybody.

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