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Bay Ho is a residential community found within the 92117 Zip Code. Since its founding in 1954, this community has consistently grown over the years. This is a varied community, with homes representing a wide range of time periods and styles. In general, homes in Bay Ho homes sit on 68.75-acre lots with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Many homes feature additional parking perfect for RV or boat storage. bay ho features stunning ocean views with its many westward-facing homes. From gentle rolling mesas to its canyons with beautiful streams, you will find numerous diverse scenic views. This area offers many amenities as well as delicious restaurants such as ISA.BELLA Pizzeria, Blue Door Urban Winery, Sushi Fish Attack, Mister Falafel and many more! You will also conveniently find a post office and DMV location just 2 miles away. One often visited local attraction is the beautiful Stevenson Canyon. This public park is offers excellent  outdoor activities such as hikers, bikers, skateboards and joggers just to mention a few. Home to the San Diego Audubon Society, Bay Ho’s  property owners and tenants Respect and Conserve its wildlife and natural habitats. 

All the community services you need are nearby, especially groceries which can be obtained at the Cosco right down the road at Morena Boulevard (right next to the San Diego Freeway). Since this picturesque little community faces the Pacific Ocean, it’s always possible to take in some fantastic views of the ocean and its shoreline, with waves gently rolling in at all hours of the day.

Also nearby you’ll find some rolling mesas, some awesome canyons, and some sparkling streams, all of which add to the natural splendor and beauty of the countryside in this area. When you’re ready to go out for dinner, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect choice on any given evening. On casual nights, you can pick up a pizza at the nearby pizzeria or visit the Outback Steakhouse, and when you’re feeling a little more exotic, you can pick up a meal at Sushi Fish Attack or at Mister Falafel.

The regional post office and the Department of Motor Vehicles are just 2 miles down the road, so they could hardly be more convenient when you have need of either of those services. The Reading Cinemas Town Square offers first-run films for movie lovers, in a modern and spacious theater where it will be possible to relax and fantasize about wherever the cinema takes you.

For those who are really into outdoor activities, you’ll find some wonderful opportunities for them at places like the gorgeous Stevenson Canyon. This is a public park which offers many opportunities for jogging, biking, hiking, skateboarding, and just plain old sightseeing, so you can take in the natural wonders of the whole area. On the northern edge of the Bay Ho area, you’ll find the Marian Bear Memorial Park, which is another wonderful area of green space within city limits, where you can take a stroll, and forget all your daily cares.

On top of all the other attractions provided by the Bay Ho area, it’s also the home of the San Diego Audubon Society, so if you’re a bird lover, this is definitely the place you should be. Most of the residents of this wonderful little community have a deep and abiding respect for wildlife and natural habitats, so conservation is one of the popular themes of property owners and tenants. Anyone moving into this area should expect to be charmed by the beautiful surroundings, and by the pleasant neighbors who make up this scenic community. Property management for rentals in San Diego, CA recommends some of the rental units in this area.

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