Notice of Resident Option to Request Initial Inspection of the Rental Unit

You have the right to request an initial inspection of your unit, and you have the right to be present during that inspection.

  1. Upon your request, the Owner/Agent will make an initial inspection of your unit at a reasonable time, but no earlier than two weeks before the termination of the tenancy or the end of the lease date.

  2. The purpose of this inspection is to allow you the opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the unit to avoid deductions from the security deposit.

  3. You may not make any repairs to the unit prohibited by the rental agreement or lease.

  4. After the initial inspection, the Owner/Agent will provide you with an itemized statement specifying the repairs or cleaning that will be the basis for any deductions to the security deposit. This will not be a final accounting of deductions from the security deposit.

  5. You may make the corrections (that are not prohibited by the rental agreement or by law) after the inspection, before the termination of the tenancy to avoid deductions from the security deposit.

  6. You have the right to be present during the inspection; however, the inspection may take place in your absence with your consent.

  7. Within three weeks (21 days) after Owner/Agent has regained possession of the premises. Owner/Agent will provide you with an itemized disposition of security deposit, indicating the basis for, and the amount of, any security received and the disposition of the security, and Owner/Agent will return the remaining portion of the security deposit to you.

  8. State law permits former tenants to reclaim abandoned personal property left at the former address of the tenant, subject to certain conditions. You may or may not be able to reclaim property without incurring additional costs, depending on the cost of storing the property and the length of time before it is reclaimed. In general, these costs will be lower the sooner you contact your former landlord after being notified that property belonging to you was left behind after you moved out.

Resident(s) Please check the appropriate choice below, sign the form, and return it to the resident manager at the address listed above.

_____   I decline the initial inspection

_____   I request the initial inspection of my unit, and I wish to be present.

_____   I request the initial inspection of my unit, but I will not be present

Resident’s phone number to contact to arrange for the inspection: _____________________

(If requesting initial inspection, check only one option below)

_____   I waive my right to 48-hour notice by the Owner/Agent before they enter the unit to perform the initial inspection, as allowed by Civil Code section 1950.2(f)(l)

_____   I want Owner/Agent to provide 48-hour notice before their entry of the unit to perform the initial inspection

Date: _____________

Resident: ______________________________________________

Date: _____________

Resident: ______________________________________________



The proper cleaning of your unit may affect the disposition of your security deposit when you vacate. Your unit must be left in a rent-ready condition satisfactory to a reasonable incoming resident. The following checklist is a guideline intended to assist you in cleaning your unit.


1. Hood, exhaust fan, and filter grease-free.

 2. Oven door and oven interior cleaned.

 3. Clean drip pans, chrome rings, broiler pan and under burners.

 4. Clean refrigerator, empty ice cube trays, and vegetable drawer.

 5. Clean behind and under the refrigerator.

 6. Clean all cabinet doors, shelves, drawers, cutting board, and countertops. Remove all shelf paper installed by you.

 7. Clean faucets and light fixtures.

 8. Clean all appliances; inside and out. i.e. dishwasher, microwave, stove, refrigerator.


1. Tile, tub shower enclosures, and shower door tracks cleaned.

 2. Toilets, sinks, and countertops cleaned.

 3. Medicine cabinet and mirrors cleaned.

 4. Baseboard and floors clean and dry.

 5. All faucets, fans, fixtures, and light shades cleaned.


1. Remove all smudges and fingerprints from doors and woodwork.

 2. Clean all electric outlets, light switches, and globes, floorboards, etc.

 3. Clean closets and closet shelves.

 4. Clean all screens, windows, window tracks, and sills.

 5. Sweep patio/balcony/garage and remove all debris and or oil build-up.

 6. Carpet clean to professional quality.

 7. Vertical/Mini blinds must be wiped down and free of dirt build-up.

 8. Remove all trash and personal property.

 9. Clean washer and dryer; inside and out.

 This is a list of examples only, and not all-inclusive to items that may exist in your unit depending on the property and/or floor plan you occupy. (i.e. if you have a ceiling fan, please clean it and the ceiling above it; if you have forced air conditioning/heating, please clean the vent covers; as well as possible balconies, microwaves, fireplaces, etc.)


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