We thank you for filling out your information.
If you were not able to type out the SDG&E links in the form.
Try clicking on the links below.:

Save time by setting up the following SDG&E agreements online. It is easy, just go to the links below:

1. Continuity of Service Agreement – (When units are vacant, bills will be sent to Sunset Property
Management for payment.)
Go to: https://sunsetspm.com//sdge-csa

2. Continuity of Service Agreement Change Request – (If you already have a continuity service
agreement in place, you can use this to have the bills sent to our office when a unit is vacant.)
Go to: https://sunsetspm.com//sdge-ca

3. Authorization Receive Customers Information/Act On Behalf Of – (This allows us to setup SDG&E
utilities at your property if there is no current service.)
Go to: https://sunsetspm.com//sdge-aobo

**If you are unable to go online to complete these forms you will need to contact SDG&E.
By phone: (800) 411-7343

We will be in contact soon. Have a great day.


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