Virtually all property management companies in San Diego are aware of the impact a building’s exterior can have on curb appeal. Attractive landscaping has a major effect on filling vacancies, as anyone involved in La Jolla property management can attest. It’s also true that ignoring a property’s landscaping can lead to major headaches, for instance an infestation of undesirable pests. That’s why good property management in Pacific Beach and elsewhere in the San h Diego area always includes appropriate landscaping. All reputable San Diego property management companies make a point of taking good care of the landscape, both to avoid problems and to attract tenants. It’s sound rental property management, and it’s good business. Here are some landscaping tips for rental properties.

Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties

Limit the amount of pavement

A big mistake to avoid is paving too much of your property. When you have over-paving, it’s not nearly as pleasant to look at, and it can also lead to runoff issues after heavy rains. Tenants generally prefer more greenery, so make sure not to overdo it with paving. This is even more important when you have a significant amount of space taken up in the yard by a pool, a fire pit, or a hot tub. Limit any paving in your yard so that greenery will appear to be more dominant, and it will add landscaping appeal.

Establish a pet area

Assuming that your property allows dogs and other pets, you should dedicate one area of your property just for pets. You can mark it with timber, with stones, or you can put in a fence to cordon it off. Then you should fill in the area with sand pebbles or pea gravel, so that any plants don’t suffer from constant urine burn. The area will be much easier to clean up and maintain, when it’s constructed this way.

Keep shade in mind

Don’t overlook the shade factory when configuring your landscape, because both people and plants will appreciate it. It’s important to have both sunlit areas and shady areas on your property, because plants may need both at different times, and tenants will also appreciate sun and shade. You should also give some thought to providing protection for seating areas or patios throughout the seasons of the year.

Use native plants

Don’t go overboard when considering the theme of your lawn, and start planting all kinds of exotic flora. Since you’ll want to attract all kinds of different tenants, you should establish a neutral theme that has general appeal. This means you should be using a number of popular plants that are also native to the area. Another good reason to use native plants is that they are ideally suited for the local soil types, as well as the local climate. They should also require fewer pesticides and less fertilizer, while at the same time contributing to local biodiversity. You can even expect that they will provide some kind of habitat for butterflies and birds native to the area. These area the best tips for rental properties That will add even more appeal to your landscape and your property.

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