Filling out your online Letter of Authorization

Below are the steps you take to complete the Letter of Authorization form from SDG&E. We do this yearly to make sure everything is running smoothly. Please follow the directions below. If you have any questions, contact us.

Step #1 - Check your email.

Below is a screenshot of the email you would get From: with the subject: “SDG&E Letter of Authorization Requires Your Action“. There is a TINY link right after the wording, “You can access the LOA and choose to consent or reject such request by clicking here

Once you click on the here link in your email it will take you to the Consent to Share portal.

Step #2 - Review Page 1

LoginReview all information on the first page in the consent to share portal. Once all items have been reviewed click on the next button at the bottom.  

Step #3 - Review Page 2

Initial all areas highlighted, follow directions. Red text will show over areas that need fixing if you click Next and the wrong or no information is there. Towards the bottom please make sure you choose “One Year Authorization”. Click on image to make bigger.

Step #4 - Review Page 3

Here you can download and review the whole form before submitting it. Make sure you click on the little box next to the word “PLEASE”  before you click on “Submit” or it will throw an error.