Many people in the San Diego area own properties which might be used as a rental property, so as to provide a second stream of income. As the San Diego property management companies can all tell you, renting out a property involves more than simply hanging a sign in the window. If you’re preparing to rent your house in 2022, you may not actually be one of the big property management companies in San Diego. However, you will certainly become involved generally in property management in San Diego. In order to ensure that the process goes smoothly, and you end up with good tenants, follow some of the professional recommendations below.

Rent Your House

Prepare the house for residence 

This means more than simply walking through the house and sweeping the floors. Make sure the house complies with all local building codes, and that all living systems are fully functional. Give it a deep cleaning, so it looks appealing and will be more attractive to a number of potential tenants. While you’re at it, take some pictures of this pristine state, so you can compare the photos to pictures from later on.

Find suitable tenants 

Nowadays, there are quite a few ways you can reach out to potential tenants. There are the classified listings of course, and you should take advantage of the free rental listing websites. It’s usually a good idea to list your property on several different types of websites, for instance Zillow and, in order to achieve a good mix of candidates. If your rental home is in a decent neighborhood, you should get plenty of responses.

Prepare the house for showings 

Your rule of thumb for preparing the house for showings should be that you’ve invited some guests over for dinner, and you want the house to look its best. It’s better to show the house complete with furniture, because that makes it easier for viewers to envision themselves living there. Keep the temperature warm and comfortable, because that adds to the positive impression. While your would-be tenants are examining the property, you should be trying to learn more about them, so you can decide whether or not they would be suitable tenants.

Sift through applications 

More than likely, you’ll end up with quite a few applications to sift through. Be sure to check the financial status of applicants, as well as their employment status. If you have references from other landlords to rent your house in 2022, these should get special attention because they tell you what kind of tenant you’re dealing with. And you certainly want to conduct a criminal background check, just to be sure you’re not renting to a former serial killer.

Consider an alternative 

If you don’t really care to be personally involved with the process to fill a vacancy, you’ll have an alternative available to you. If your budget can afford it, you could hire a property manager who can literally do it all for you. Of course, this means you’d have to find an individual whom you can completely trust to manage your rental, and someone with whom you have free and easy communication. This may take a while , but if you find the right person, you could be set for a long time as a property owner.

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