There’s an awful lot of responsibility associated with ownership of a property, especially a commercial property like an apartment complex. In addition to maintaining the landscape and each of the rentable units, you’ll be obliged to screen tenants, collect rents on time, and do your best to maintain decent relations with each of your tenants. Many owners simply aren’t interested in personally taking on all these tasks, and prefer to have a property manager do them. However, that requires that you know how to hire a property manager for the job to represent you in all these issues.

How to Hire a Property Manager in San Diego

Check their references 

Don’t just read the names and phone numbers given you by a manager candidate, because that’s asking for trouble. Actually call those people listed as references and pay close attention to what you’re told. Read between the lines to gain some sense of what your candidate is really like. Call the places where your candidate has worked before, so you can learn all the most important things. Altogether, you should be able to form a fairly accurate impression of your candidate manager.

Check qualifications 

Take a close look at resumes, so you can be sure any candidate has the skills and experience you’re looking for. You should know the types of tasks that a manager will have to take on at your facility, so make sure the person has actually done most of these things in the past. This isn’t a position that someone can grow into, unless you’re willing to accept a number of mishaps along the way. Also, make sure your candidate is aware of the local tenant/landlord laws, so you don’t get in trouble with authorities. Have they worked for any other san diego property management companies

Ask questions and list expectations 

Before you begin the hire a property manager, make sure you’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your candidates. Whatever is important to you is what you should be asking about. Another part of this same process is to provide a list of your expectations to candidates. For instance, if you anticipate virtually no involvement in day-to-day operation of the complex, this should be made known at the outset. If you expect tenant requests to be handled promptly and satisfactorily, make sure your candidate understands this and is willing to comply.

Communication skills 

It’s always best if your property management san diego team has good communication skills. This will go a long way toward maintaining good relationships with tenants, and it will save an awful lot of heartburn for you. You can probably get a feel for their communication skills during the hiring process, when you see how they return your calls. If someone is difficult to reach during this period, chances are they’ll be just as hard to reach when on the job.

When you’re talking with a candidate, make note of their listening skills as well as their politeness and responsiveness. It will be essential for you to have good communication with the individual who is representing you at your property. Make sure you hire someone whom you can trust and someone whom you have good rapport with.

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