How to Efficiently Market Vacant Properties for Rent

When you have a property which has become vacant, and you’ve had the time to clean and prepare it for new occupants, that’s the time when you should begin focusing on attracting the kind of tenants you want occupying your property. The main thing to keep in mind when advertising any vacant property is to be honest with prospective tenants, because any tenant will certainly view the property before moving in, and if it doesn’t match the way you’ve described it, they won’t be interested in this or any other property you have available. Here are the tips for the market vacant properties for rent

Be honest with tenants

If there happen to be some shortcomings or flaws with the rental unit, these should be shown in any photos of the property, so that you can be completely honest with new tenants. When you do provide photos of the property, it’s a good idea to include a great many of them, as many as 18 to 24 photos, which clearly depict all important aspects of the rental property. This will give prospective tenants a clear idea of what to expect, both the attractions of the unit, and the imperfections which it has. The more details you provide to tenants, the more likely you are to be successful in renting out the property to one of them and you can make market vacant properties for rent

Make good use of video

One of the very best ways of providing an effective image of your rental unit to prospective tenants is to produce a kind of virtual walk-through of the property, using a short duration video of perhaps three to five minutes. All you need is your smartphone to do this, and you can literally just walk through the rental property yourself, while providing your own commentary. You can easily describe the dimensions and features of any room, as well as any restrictions, so tenants will have a clear idea about what to expect. Don’t make this walk-through overly long, or you’ll probably lose the attention of a tenant, but on the other hand, you’ll need to make it long enough so it’s adequate to describe the rental unit.

Stick to the facts

You should definitely include as many facts about your rental property as possible, but don’t get carried away injecting a lot of fluff into it. For instance, it’s much better to describe the rental unit as having two bedrooms, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and a laundry room, than it is to describe it as a charming and beautiful two bedroom unit in a wonderful area.

No one is going to commit to a property on the basis of fluffy-sounding adjectives, but they might be strongly attracted by hardwood floors and granite countertops. Another thing that you should avoid is the temptation to place a For Rent sign outside the property you’re trying to rent. Yes, it might encourage a whole slew of phone calls, but these are unlikely to be from high-quality tenants, because there are absolutely no details provided about the property itself.

The kind of tenants you’re looking for will be those who have read through your rental property listings, and are familiar with the features and amenities of your unit. If you can stick to the recommendations provided above, you should notice that you get more inquiries from high-quality tenants, and that you have an easier time renting out your property.

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