Managing houses and condos in the San Diego area is a particular specialty of Sunset Property Management & Realty, since we’ve literally had years of experience perfecting our processes and skills in that regard. When you retain us as your management team, you can be sure that your best interests will be represented, and that your property will be safeguarded as if it were our own investment. We understand that as an owner you want maximum occupancy for your properties, while at the same time ensuring that the premises are maintained in top-notch condition. 

We have become one of the most trusted property management firms in the region, because we consider it part of our mission as a management team to represent your interests effectively and thoroughly. We strive to create value in your property by a program which includes regular preventive maintenance, conscientious upkeep of the property, and highly efficient operations. In the meantime, we’ll also keep you informed of all activities and all financial data through our Owner Portal, which will be available to you 24×7.

House property management services 

For houses and condos, we charge a monthly fee of between 6% and 8%, along with a one-time tenant placement fee of $450, although there are no charges at all when units are unoccupied between leasing periods. When you do have vacancies in your houses or condos, we aggressively advertise them to the community, either via online websites or other channels, so that these can be filled as soon as possible. Prospective tenants will always be screened with regard to income, work history, and criminal background, so that undesirable tenants are not admitted to your property.

We assist tenants with move-in/move-out tasks, and once they’re settled in, we begin monitoring them for any leasing violations and for any potential damage to the premises. When normal maintenance is necessary, we provide that, and we also undertake a program of preventive maintenance so that small issues don’t have a chance to escalate into major ones. We conduct annual maintenance inspections (AMI’s) on your behalf, so that we can be sure the property is being kept in a desirable state.

Keeping you informed as the owner is accomplished primarily through our Owner Portal, which is an online view you’ll have into all the financial data, right up to the minute. We also strive to maintain regular communications, so that you’re never in the dark about what’s happening at your property. Accounting and financial reporting are a regular component of our management services, and we’re always available for in-person consultations and discussions.

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The management of houses and condos requires a certain set of skills and knowledge, so that it can be carried out to the satisfaction of a property owner. At Sunset Property Management & Realty, we have had years to acquire those skills and that knowledge, and that’s why we are recognized as one of the premier property management firms in the region. Contact us about managing your houses or condos in the San Diego area, and we’ll be glad to discuss our suite of services with you.

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