What do you think of when you hear the term ‘full-service property management, San Diego’? You should be thinking that just about everything under the umbrella of property management is handled by the owner of a property – and that’s just what Sunset Property Management provides as part of its comprehensive property management service.

Even before tenants move into a unit, Sunset is at work advertising and promoting properties, on as many as 20 different websites to get the word out. Then every prospective tenant is carefully screened and background-checked, to ensure that only viable occupants are obtained for your properties. A photo of the property condition is taken prior to move-in, and all leasing terms and signatures are handled by Sunset, so the owner need not be involved at all.

The life cycle of property occupancy 

Whether a tenant is moving into a home or condo, an apartment, or even a multi-family dwelling, Sunset Property Management has them covered throughout the complete life cycle of their occupancy. If there happen to be any emergencies, Sunset will answer the call, 24×7. For normal maintenance requests, a 24-hour turnaround time is standard. When any major construction such as remodeling projects are needed, Sunset has the personnel to go in and provide world-class work on the project. 

Minor repairs such as for plumbing or electrical systems are quickly handled by Sunset personnel. If called for, we can also do painting and drywall, flooring, landscape maintenance, irrigation repair, haul away services, cleaning, and pressure washing. Almost any kind of repair work which would normally be necessary on houses, condos, apartments, or multi-family dwellings, can be quickly accomplished by Sunset workers to the satisfaction of tenants and owners.

We endeavor to maintain excellent communication at all times between ourselves and tenants, as well as with owners. When it’s time for lease renewals, we will negotiate terms with tenants, and if it should become necessary to initiate eviction proceedings, we can handle that as well. We will also handle all the collection of rent and other financial activities which fall under the normal supervision of a Property Manager. We make a point of maintaining good relationships with tenants because that makes management of the property much easier, and much more productive for everyone.

Why choose our full-service property management in San Diego? 

We may be biased, but we feel that Sunset Property Management is the very best full-service property management company in the entire San Diego region. Based on the services we provide, including construction services that most management teams cannot match, we are confident that no one in the area can match our record for providing top-notch services which leave owners happy and content. Our schedule of fees is also very competitive, especially when you consider all the services you get for those fees, and that’s one of the reasons we have a history of satisfied property owners.

If you have properties in the San Diego area which you need to have managed, we hope you’ll consider Sunset Property Management. You won’t find a management company that is better qualified, or which has more experience in providing top-notch service than our company. Before you call anyone else, call Sunset and leave all the worrying about property management to us.

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