Most major insurance carriers that provide rental dwelling and Landlord property insurance policies will indemnify and defend Sunset Property Management & Realty if legal action were brought against Sunset Property Mgmt. & Realty or its independent contractors. As additionally insured, the Landlord/Owner’s insurance company would defend Landlord and Property Manager equally. If a Landlord is sued by a Tenant or vendor for an injury on their property, a Property Owner’s insurance company would defend them legally. Your property manager should have the same layer of protection.

The alternative is that Sunset Property Management & Realty would have to ask that our insurance carrier defend us legally. When you have one attorney representing the Tenant, one attorney representing the Landlord/Owner and one attorney representing the Property Management Company, the time, cost and complexity of the legal situation increases drastically. It is better to have one attorney on the team for both the Landlord/Owner and property manager to save time, money and aggravation.


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