Sunset Property Management & Realty is a full-service Brokerage capable of listing and selling your property for you. We will also help you purchase a new one if the situation calls for it. Listing your rental for sale while occupied is not uncommon in San Diego. Sunset Property Management & Realty offers this service at a reduced fee of 4.5% for our existing Property Management clients. Once a listing agreement has been executed, Sunset Property Management & Realty will contact your Tenants to explain that the property is going to be listed for sale. We will work with the Tenants to decide on a mutually beneficial showing schedule for the listing period to assure that the relationship with the Tenants remains professional and considerate of the Tenant’s schedule. Our team will work with buyer agent(s) and the Tenants to coordinate access to the property for prospective buyers. The Tenant’s lease does remain in effect unless an agreement is reached between the seller / buyer and the Tenant for an early lease termination.

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