Rekeying the home is the first thing you should consider when turning over the unit to a new Tenant for various reasons such as security and more. Secondly, we find making sure all plumbing fixtures are not in need of service. Interior and exterior paint should be looked over. Check for normal wear and tear, which can be easily fixed with some touch-up paint. Maintenance of the property and appliance repairs/replacement might need to be looked into as well especially if it had been a long term Tenant. Have a move in move out sheet prepared for the next Tenant to mark down any damage or repairs that might’ve been missed when the first inspection happened. Now you are ready to have your property advertised and get your next Tenant ready to move into your great looking, comfortable unit. We can help you with finding the right vendor for this service as we have a select few. Ask about this when you contact us about our San Diego Property Management services.

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