Our company has had low turnover and our team members administrate different aspects of the management process. During the course of our Property Management relationship, you can expect to interact with our team.

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Carrie Lewis: is our marketing, advertising and website administrator. If a property needs to be listed for rent, Carrie steps up to create the advertisement along with photos and works with our clients to make sure the property is advertised in a manner approved by the Owner. The listing is sent to the Landlords/Owner before being posted live on the internet so that opinions or details can be shared and edits can be made.

Greg Weich: Greg runs the maintenance department and has 24 years of experience in the residential Property Management industry. Greg is the primary point of contact for any minor repairs related to general maintenance or major projects like remodels and vacancy turns.

Nate Cornell: California Licensed Real Estate Agent and Realtor, Nate is the Lease Administrator & Operations Manager for our office and 90% of the leases in our office were procured and signed by him. Most subject matter related to Tenants, including inquiries by the Landlord related to Tenants will be directed to and handled by Nate.

Andrew Grinnell: California Licensed Real Estate Broker and General Contractor, Andrew is the accountant and supervisor for the team and is the President of Sunset Property Management and Sunset Maintenance. In general, instances related to Landlord questions, legal matters, contract negotiations, accounting and procedural questions are directed to the Broker/Owner, Andrew Grinnell.

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