Property Managers perform a market rent analysis to find out current vacancy rates and rental rates reported by other Property Managers and Brokers. This is accomplished by looking at asking rates on listing websites and by calling listings of other brokers and inquiring about actual rental rates, unit condition and days on market. Sunset Property Management & Realty places great importance on call/email/contact volume since there is a lot to learn from the interest level, communication, and feedback from prospective renters; they are out there looking at inventory and are often a great source of information and pricing. If the unit is priced correctly, you should receive 1.5-2 contacts per day in the high seasons, April – mid October. It’s difficult to predict rental rates in the off-season October – March, however, Landlords should be prepared to have to play the market a little more which can lead to rate decreases or move in specials of some sort.

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