In most cases, repair requests are submitted by a Tenant through our online Tenant portal system. The portal system allows Tenants to submit work orders and make requests by providing a written description of the issue or repair. The system also allows our Tenants to upload photos that enable our repair technicians to make assessments and source parts before traveling to the property. Tenants can also track the status of their requests online.

When a request is initiated by a Tenant, our Maintenance Manager will assess the situation and assign the job a priority. The request may require immediate attention, but in many cases, we can troubleshoot the issue with the Tenant and find out better how to make the repair and which technician to send. We strive to schedule our repairs the same day or the following day after the request is received by sending a work order to one of our maintenance technicians and/or trusted vendors.

Sunset Property Maintenance or one of our Vendors will complete any repair under $350. Larger repairs over $350 require written Owner approval in most cases: this process allows the Owner to provide direction and feedback and assist in the approach and costs management related to repairs. Exceptions to the $350 or more notification relate to emergency maintenance, after-hours calls, and habitability issues or any cases where we have to act quickly to mitigate harm to the Tenant, and damage to property and primarily to protect our Owner’s best interest.

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