Yes, you may use your own contractors. Andrew D. Grinnell, Owner of Sunset Property Management & Realty, holds CA General Contractor License. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of contractors. From this experience, he can help select the contractor that fits your needs. The contractors we use provide quality workmanship and competitive pricing, so if the contractor selected by the Owner is not up to par, then they will not be granted the work. Further, all contractors must be licensed, carry workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance, carry a CSLB bond, have at least 5 years full time experience in the industry, and provide 3 prior work-related references.

We are willing to try someone recommended by the Property Owner; this is often times how we find quality vendors and contractors to work with in the future. If you would like us to consider using your contractor, please provide us their contact information when you complete your Owner Information Sheet so we can meet with them at your property for a bid or proposal.


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