Tips, Tricks and more for Landlords & Tenants in San Diego, CA

Benefits of hiring a professional San Diego property manager for your investment – lower liabilities, reduce stress, create more free time, better results and higher income.

For all the facets you should consider hiring a professional a San Diego property management company, there are 5 primary reasons that are worthy of consideration. REDUCING LIABILITIES California is a tenant-friendly state, there is a multitude of Landlord/Tenant laws to navigate and it’s very litigious State. Aside from the various business models property management […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 8 | Chilling? Not as cool as you think!
What is “Chilling” in regards to fair housing laws and why must it be avoided? Chilling refers to comments or acts designed to discourage applicants in a protected class from renting your properties and is, therefore, intentional discrimination.  They are a form of obvious "steering" read about this in lesson 7. General examples of "Chilling" [...]
Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 7 | How not to “steer” applicants.

What is “Steering” and why should it be avoided? Steering is an attempt by owners/managers to control where someone lives because of their protected class, regardless of how well intended.  Perceived “steering” can result in a fair housing complaint. Common targets are: Families with children. Steering can include directing applicants to downstairs or end units […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 6 | Standards for Accessibility.

Q:  Who sets the standards for accessibility, what is a reasonable modification and who is financially responsible? A: The ADA requires all properties where the public is invited, including a rental office, must be accessible unless: It is “technically infeasible” or poses an “undue financial burden” on the property. This includes not only rental offices […]

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