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Best San Diego Restaurants by Neighborhood

Best San Diego Restaurants by Neighborhood

Best San Diego Restaurants by Neighborhood 

First of all, it needs to be said that there are so many great restaurants in the greater San Diego metro area, that the vast majority of them simply can’t be included in this listing, for space reasons. Of course, there’s also a certain amount of subjectivity involved in picking the best restaurants, but those listed below are truly outstanding, and are recognized by both residents and visitors as providing something really special in a dining experience.

The Downtown Area 

  • Dobson’s – One of Downtown’s best is Dobson’s Bar and Restaurant, which is extremely popular as both a lunch and dinner destination. All their offerings are outstanding, but when you go, make sure to try the mussel bisque, which universally garners rave reviews.
  • Kindred – This restaurant caters to the vegan crowd, but it’s anything but a demure establishment. On any given day, you’re likely to be treated to thrash-metal music being played, and they sell merchandise which reflects their unique approach to the vegan lifestyle.
  • Prado Balboa – Being situated in Balboa Park makes this the perfect place to stop for some refreshment during your activities. When you do, you’ll be very impressed by the outstanding food and hospitality, as well as the charm of the venue itself.

Pacific Beach and Mission Bay 

  • Rocky’s Crown Pub – This establishment may be fairly simple in its offerings, but they really excel at those food entrees they do offer. If you’re a burger gourmet, this will be the place for you, because you won’t find a better one in the entire metro area. 
  • The Fishery – There’s a wide variety of seafoods which could be prepared for patrons, and at The Fishery you’ll always find something new and interesting to try, since the owner likes to change up the menu every so often. Regardless of what you order, you can count on it being prepared to perfection, and tasting great.

Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, and North Park 

  • Fort Oak – Renowned for its home-made entrees, Fort Oak goes out of its way to make everything possible right under its own roof. That means you can count on down-home goodness and flavor baked and cooked into every entree they serve.
  • The Starlite Lounge – This is an over-21 venue with a cozy atmosphere, fabulous decor, and outstanding food and drinks. Bring your friends for an evening of cocktails and delicious fare in a place heavy with ambience.
  • The Trust Restaurant – Rustic elegance characterizes this venue, and you won’t find better American-style food anywhere in the city. Here you’ll get great food, great atmosphere, and great service, all at a reasonable price.

Normal Heights 

  • Et Viola! – Classic French cuisine is the primary offering at this classy establishment, and if you’re a seafood lover or a fan of roast duck, you’ll love this restaurant. This is a very popular eatery in the area, and it offers some remarkable entrees which are not available elsewhere.
  • Tiger! Tiger! – Fresh local ingredients are used as much as possible here, and although the menu isn’t very extensive, everything they serve is top-quality and delicious. The establishment has aligned itself with numerous charitable causes, so whenever you choose to dine here, you are also indirectly contributing to some of the most worthy causes in the area.

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