If there’s one American treat which practically everyone loves, either for a filling dinner meal or for a late-night snack, it has to be pizza. Fortunately, there are quite a number of restaurants in the San Diego area which make delicious pizza for patrons, many of which feature some very exotic toppings. It would really be difficult to narrow down the list of best places for pizza in San Diego to just a few, but that’s what we have attempted to do below. Here are some of the best pizza restaurants in San Diego, and all pizza lovers will be sure to find a pie to their liking at one of these eateries. Best Places for Pizza in San Diego

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Chicago Bros Pizzeria

As you might expect, this pizzeria is known for its deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, and the owner has literally dedicated himself to providing the perfect Chicago-style pizza to all residents of the city. It’s a small restaurant, but it’s big on flavor and style, and it has a reputation for creating some of the tastiest pizza in all of San Diego. You can also get some delicious appetizers while you’re waiting, for instance, the chicken wings or garlic bread with cheese. There are also a number of ways you can order your Chicago-style pizza, such as barbecue chicken, spinach, meat lover pizza, and veggie pizza.

DeLucas Pizza

There is a very inviting atmosphere to this restaurant, and if you’re looking for pizza on a budget, this will be your place. All pizzas can be purchased for less than $10, and they also have a number of other specialties which feature Italian cuisine, for instance, the fettuccine Alfredo. If you’re not quite in the mood for pizza, you can also order a Greek salad which is loaded with feta cheese, black olives, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Tribute Pizza

While you’re enjoying a tasty pizza dinner, you can also obtain a gorgeous view of historic San Diego, since this restaurant is situated in the old North Park Post Office. At this restaurant, patrons can enjoy wood-fired pizza, while appreciating the unique interior design associated with the original Post Office. The signature pizza at this restaurant is 13 inches in diameter, sliced into eight equal portions. One of the restaurant’s most popular options is the Bees Mode pizza which is loaded with sweet peppers, ricotta, organic crushed tomatoes, and lots of cheese. There is also a menu for vegans provided.

Pizzeria Luigi

This restaurant has become locally famous for its award-winning New York style pizza, and it’s one of the most popular venues in the entire Golden Hill community. Patrons have the option of customizing their own pizza with toppings like squash, caramelized onions, ham, bacon, or eggplant, or they can simply choose one of the Luigi Classics, like the El Diablo or the Margherita Pizza. If pizza isn’t your thing, you can try a pasta dish, salad, stromboli, or a hearty calzone.

Square Pizza Co.

You’ll find this restaurant in the heart of Pacific Beach in the historic Dunaway Building. Here, patrons are served Sicilian, Detroit, and Boston Beach style pizza by the square, as opposed to the traditional triangles. They also serve a number of different dietary needs, so people with gluten restrictions or vegan preferences will find something to their liking here. When you’ve finished off your pizza, you may also want to try one of the city’s best cannolis, and you’ll have your choice of pistachio, chocolate chip, or plain.


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