Best Order Takeout and Delivery in San Diego 

Fortunately for everyone who lives in the San Diego area, restaurants are considered to be services which are essential to the public welfare, so even during this period of lockdowns and quarantines, you’ll still be able to purchase your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants. Whether it’s burgers and fries or a full gourmet meal that tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to order it via delivery, pickup, or curbside service, depending on the services provided by individual establishments. You can find out what kind of services are offered by your preferred restaurants by giving them a call, but do make sure to support them, because these are trying times for even the best restaurants and Takeout and Delivery in San Diego.

Pasta from Monello

Monello’s is actually a catering business and special events restaurateur situated right next door to Bencotto’s, which is famous throughout the city for their fresh pasta, but which is temporarily closed for now. Most of their menu has been shifted to the facility next door at Monello’s, including their very popular lasagna and osso bucco. Call the restaurant to place your order, then you’ll be able to pick it up right there.

Chicken pot pie at Pop Pie Company

Everybody’s favorite can still be obtained at the Pop Pie Company, with that delicious butter crust and steaming hot, chunky chicken and vegetables, loaded into a meal-sized pot pie. If you’re a vegetarian, you can get a delicious version which contains only vegetables, and has the same delicious crust. Speaking of pies, you may want to add some key lime pie or sweet apple pie for dessert, and if you need to satisfy several different tastes, you can mix and match slices of different kinds of pies. You can easily place your order online and takeout and delivery in San Diego then pick it up at the restaurant, or have it delivered to your home.

Spicy ramen at Tajima

For all of those people who are big fans of noodles, you can still get your fill at one of the numerous locations of the Tajima restaurants. If you happen to be a big fan of the spicy sesame ramen, you may already know that it contains a special sesame paste, with tonkotsu chicken and pork broth. You’ll also be able to get vegan versions of their ramen, as well as creamy chicken, chicken karaage, green curry ramen, rice bowls, and several different kinds of delicious, fresh-baked buns. You can conveniently place your order online and then pick it up at the location closest to you.

Juniper and Ivy at Home

This is one of San Diego’s most beloved restaurants, and you can still order anything off the menu from Thursday through Saturday. Many people opt for the very popular three-course meal which includes rolls or bread, dessert, salad, and a wide variety of entrées which are sure to satisfy your palate. You can also order a bottle of wine to accompany your meal. Make sure to check the menu, because it changes every week to include different dinner options. Place your order online, and then either have it delivered or you can pick it up right at the restaurant.

Fried chicken at The Crack Shack

While the menu may have been trimmed down in accordance with the times, The Crack Shack has maintained all their most popular items such as their schmaltz fries and their very popular fried chicken to please their many fans. The restaurant has also added a new family-style meal which includes five or 10 pieces of chicken, cole slaw, mini biscuits, French fries, and two chocolate chip cookies. You can get all this delivered directly to your home, or you can pick it up after ordering online.

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