This is one of the smaller zip code in San Diego. The 92106 zip code has a concise land mass of 5.6 sq. miles. The US census tracked the population in 2016 at roughly 19,134 individuals. The ridge line at the top of Point Loma peninsula is the western boundary and primarily runs along Chatworth Blvd., San Diego Bay and the canal that runs under Harbor Drive mark the eastern extent of the zip code. Silvergate Ave, Alma Way and Warhead Rd. mark the southern street boundaries. Lytton Street and Sandcastle Lane can be considered the end of the neighborhoods which include Point Loma Nazarine, La Playa, Fisherman Point, Roseville-Fleet Ridge, Fisherman’s Landing, Liberty Station, San Diego Yacht Club, Shelter Island and Loma Portal. The 92106 zip code has a few number of renters at 41%.


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