It’s a good idea to detail which property maintenance procedures are a tenant’s responsibilities, and which belong to the landlord. This will eliminate any misunderstandings in the future, and it will probably get the necessary work done much faster. That being the case, A tenant’s guide to rental property maintenance procedures.

A Tenant’s Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Procedures

Tenant responsibilities

Everything that goes wrong in a rental unit is not the responsibility of the landlord to make it right. Here are some of the common procedures that are usually in the tenant’s area of responsibility:

Landlord responsibilities

One of the first responsibilities of a landlord is reviewing all landlord/tenant laws to be sure you’re in compliance. Review the landlord faqs to learn more. The last thing you want is for a tenant to accuse you of ignoring or violating these laws, and making a big issue out of it. Confirm these responsibilities with property management companies in San Diego. Here are some of the other major elements that a landlord must be sure to handle on behalf of tenants:

When both landlord and tenant handle their responsibilities as noted above, it can make for a much more harmonious relationship. If one or the other party is less than conscientious, that’s when troubles start to develop in the tenant/landlord relationship. 

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