If you’ve worked with rental property management in San Diego, you may already know why the Golden Hill area is so appealing. Many property management companies in San Diego are frequently asked about the continuing appeal of this community, and it’s always easy to answer. Just south of Balboa Park, the community has great proximity to this popular attraction, and it’s also close to Mission Hills, Mission Valley, and Fashion Valley. Experts in property management San Diego can provide you with even more reasons than those described below for living in Golden Hill, San Diego.

8 Reasons To Live Golden Hill San Diego

Ease of access to San Diego

There are endless opportunities for exciting activities and excursions in the San Diego area. Golden Hill residents can have access to all these outstanding opportunities because of the ideal location of the community. There are major highways that span the Golden Hill community, and these allow you to get anywhere you need to be, very quickly. There are also a number of terrific public transportation alternatives, so you don’t really even need your own vehicle.

Community involvement

If you’re someone who likes to be active in your community, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities in Golden Hill. You can visit the Farmers Market, use the Golden Hill Recreation Center, and you can participate in the Golden Hill Community Garden. There is a special Planning Group which works to keep diversity and architectural heritage featured in the neighborhood. Part of their responsibilities include preserving and maintaining Balboa Park, and ensuring that Golden Hill real estate is kept up to snuff.

Affordable housing

You can find housing in the Golden Hill community to suit any kind of budget. There are demographics in the area which include working professionals, university students, young families, and retirees. Homes of all different sizes and shapes can be found in the listings available in Golden Hill. You may want to invest in a mobile or manufactured home, or you may be looking for a luxury single-family home that costs millions. Regardless of the type of dwelling you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Golden Hill, and take up a satisfying residence.

Rich Heritage

Golden Hill began developing as a community in 1870, just as San Diego itself was becoming urbanized. Most of the early homes built at that time were for the wealthy, and many of them are still standing today. There are still a number of affluent and middle-class residents living in Golden Hill, but that has evened out to welcome citizens of all economic statuses. The rich heritage of the area includes several museums, churches, and some grand estates featuring Victorian architecture situated along prize stretches of real estate.

Exploring the great outdoors 

Anyone who lives in the San Diego area can attest to the area’s universally terrific weather. With all the beauty of the natural surroundings, it makes you want to get outdoors and explore every day. In the Golden Hill area, there are all kinds of hiking trails near Balboa Park to offer panoramic views of the awesome countryside. Golden Hill Park is another option you’ll have for appreciating nature, and for becoming involved with recreation. Here you’ll find fun for the entire family, with a children’s park, a redwood bird aviary, and lots of walking trails. When you’ve finished exploring Golden Hill Park, you can graduate to some of the other awesome hiking trails situated all throughout the region.

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