12 Best Things to Do in Ocean Beach San Diego

As you might guess from its name,  Ocean Beach San Diego offers a wide variety of water activities to visitors and locals alike. If you’re considering a visit to the area, you’d be well advised to contact rental property management in San Diego. This will allow you to find the best place to stay for your circumstances.

You’ll also know about some of the best places to visit, and some of the most enjoyable activities to engage in during your stay. Ocean Beach is in close proximity to Point Loma, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla, so you may want to expand your activity planning to include these areas. In the meantime, here are 12 of the most appealing area activities, as recommended by rental property management agencies in San Diego.

Spend some time on the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier

One of the first places you should visit is the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier. The structure juts out a half-mile into the ocean and provides a convenient fishing pier for local enthusiasts. There are all kinds of viewing opportunities along the pier, and you can sip on a delightful cup of coffee at one of the cafes while watching the sunset.

Check out Ocean Beach murals

Among the fantastic views you can appreciate along Ocean Beach, the murals are one of the most appealing. There are all kinds of different murals with different themes and styles to admire. These will also provide great photo opportunities for you and your group, and it’s well worth taking the time to view them all.

Check out area history

Ocean Beach was founded way back in 1887, and there are still a number of structures dating from the 1900s. There are loads of historical sites for you to check out in the area. If you really want to make a day of it, you can engage the services of a tour guide, so you don’t miss anything.

Visit Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

One of the best places to go for fantastic natural views is the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. It’s nearly 70 acres in size and it is dominated by some lofty cliffs. These are both visually appealing and functional for people interested in cliff diving. It’s also a great place to look out over the ocean and spot whales along the shoreline.

Visit the Ocean Beach farmers market

The market is only open on Wednesdays, but there’s all kinds of things to do when it is open. You’ll be able to purchase baked goods and fresh produce, and you’ll be able to get some take-out food from some of the numerous vendors.

Check out Kilowatt Brewing

Among the many attractions and shops that you’ll find in Ocean Beach, you’ll also find a number of pubs and bars. One of the most popular of these is the Kilowatt Brewing Pub, where you can check out all kinds of novel flavors. The pub offers a number of alcoholic drinks which you have probably never heard of or tried, and you can enjoy some terrific food selections at the same time.

Stroll down Newport Avenue

This is the main street in Ocean Beach San Diego , and it’s loaded with shops for you to browse through. This stretch is three blocks long and it features bars, eateries, and a number of antique stores. If you’re not really here to purchase anything, you can still enjoy yourself just by doing some window-shopping.

Take your pet to Dog Beach

If you’ve brought your pet along with you on your trip, make sure to pay a visit to Dog Beach. This is a prime spot for anyone who wants to enjoy some quality time with their pet. You’ll even be able to turn your dog loose and let it run wild for a little while to burn off some steam.

Check out the Ocean Beach tide pools

Right under the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier, you’ll find all kinds of tidepools which contain marine life. Of course, the tidepools are only there at certain times, but when they are present, there’s tons of things to observe. Kids love finding the various plants and shells, as well as other marine life included in these tidepools.

Visit Winston’s Beach Club

At Winston’s Beach Club, you’ll be able to enjoy some very tasty drinks while also watching a show. This is a music venue which features live music for your enjoyment. There are also a number of excellent brews on tap for you to sample.

Enjoy a Hodad’s Burger

If you’re looking for a hearty meal, the place to go along Ocean Beach is Hodad’s. This is a different kind of restaurant that features a number of different sandwiches and delicious burgers. You can also enjoy a beer or a milkshake along with your lunch or dinner, to increase your enjoyment at Ocean Beach San Diego.

Check out Lighthouse Ice Cream

You can indulge your sweet tooth by stopping for some ice cream at the Lighthouse. There are all kinds of different flavors and products for you to try, including some dairy-free and sugar-free options. For anyone who enjoys a sweet treat, stopping at Lighthouse Ice Cream is an absolute must.

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