Much of the country goes into hibernation during wintertime, but that is definitely not true of San Diego residents, who can expect an average winter temperature around 66°F. While that might be just a little cool for swimming and beach activity, other recreational and entertainment opportunities abound in the city. Here are 10 of the most popular and appealing wintertime activities which anyone can enjoy in San Diego. Here are the Things to do in San Diego in the Winter

Ice skating at Hotel Del Coronado

This iconic hotel provides outdoor ice skating at a rink which has magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. The skating season lasts from the end of November until the first week or two in January. This is a short window of time, so plan accordingly in order to take advantage of this awesome experience. 

10 Fun Things to do in San Diego in the Winter 

Food sampling in the Convoy District

There are a great many authentic Asian restaurants and markets situated in the Convoy District, all awaiting your arrival. Here you’ll find the best Ramen as well as Korean barbecues, and there are an endless number of top-notch restaurants offering authentic Asian cuisine. You might try the Dumpling Inn, Kung Fu Tea, Rakiraki Ramen and Tsukemen, or Phuong Trang – any place you try will be sure to please.

Parade of Lights

For more than 40 years now, crowds have been dazzled by the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights. Each year, the boating community within the city coordinates a procession of elaborately decorated boats, all of which reflect a central theme. There is no charge for this spectacular event, so bring the whole family.

Day trip to Julian

Julian is a mountain town situated approximately an hour east of San Diego, and if you’re looking for somewhat cooler weather, this place is for you. Founded as a gold mining town, Julian has since become renowned for making some of the world’s best apple pies. While you’re there, it’s possible you may be able to enjoy a light snowfall.

Cocktails at Cantina Mayahuel

This establishment is situated in Normal Heights, and their specialty is providing authentic Mexican cuisine to clientele. The restaurant is especially known for serving a huge variety of mezcal and tequila, with brands numbering into the hundreds. Come for happy hour which is between 12 and 6 PM, Tuesday through Friday, to enjoy discount prices on top quality cocktails.

Whale watching

It’s possible to observe these gentle giants during the whale watching season, typically from mid-December to April. Every year, something like 20,000 gray whales make the journey from Alaska to Baja California, before backtracking and reversing the journey in the spring. You can arrange a whale watching tour with any of several waterfront downtown outfits.

Dining at Liberty Public Market

If you’re one of those people who has difficulty choosing what to eat, you’ll have tons of choices at the Liberty Public Market in Point Loma. Here there are literally dozens of local food and beverage options, and the entire market is contained indoors, so you can enjoy it even if the weather is somewhat inclement.

Balboa Park in December

One of the most popular events in San Diego is known as December Nights, and it’s always held on one of the first weekends in December. Here you can enjoy thousands of bands and choirs, brilliant light displays, a wide variety of food and beverage options, entertaining dancers, and free admission to the museums of Balboa Park.

Mai Tais at Bali Hai

The Bali Hai restaurant which is located on Shelter Island, has already sold more than two million Mai Tai cocktails to patrons since opening in 1954. These cocktails are quite potent, so you may want to limit yourself to one or two, but you will definitely feel much warmer after having enjoyed one of these famous drinks.

Sunset at Sunset Cliffs

This Point Loma community does indeed have a number of steep cliffs situated right on the oceanfront, and it’s one of the best places on the West Coast to watch the sun go down. You can stroll along the cliff tops, or carefully climb down to the shore area, and appreciate the retiring sun at ground level.

This is fun but apart from this their are many things to do in San Diego in the Winter.

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